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Since its establishment, the company has continuously expanded its business scale. In order to better adapt to market changes, the company decided to establish an online team in 2021 to expand the e-commerce field. This decision marks the official entry of Beiqiang Electric into the online market, seeking a wider customer base and more business opportunities.

The company's goal is to build an online network team into an excellent e-commerce team in the same industry. To achieve this goal, the company not only focuses on the personal growth of team members, but also encourages collaboration and innovation among teams. By continuously optimizing team structure and enhancing team capabilities, Beiqiang Electric Power Company expects to achieve significant results in the e-commerce field and provide customers with higher quality services and products.

In summary, Beiqiang Electric Power Company has demonstrated its emphasis and investment in the field of e-commerce by establishing an online team and regularly providing targeted training. Aspiring to build the online network team into an excellent e-commerce team in the same industry, Beiqiang Electric Power Company is steadily advancing towards this goal and laying a solid foundation for future development.

China Manufacturing Network Direct Store: http://www.cnbeiqiang.com

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